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Wedding bridal party on our 16th floor pool deck overlooking the bay.

Emily + Aleck


Longtime love, canine companions & an EPIC dance party

This connection has deep roots: Emily + Aleck met in 3rd grade, ended up at the same high school and started dating during their junior year. They moved in together after college, got engaged in June and finally tied the knot on February 9, 2019. Selecting Miami seemed a natural choice; they both love the city and it is where their parents live. Plus, they said, “The water means everything to Aleck. He loves being near it.” They easily chose the EPIC, which they found it to be a welcoming and friendly venue from day one. Their wedding package also made everything incredibly easy, offering a “one-stop” to have it all taken care of. Impressed parents and an amazing food tasting helped seal the deal. In the end, everyone was blown away by the service and each beautiful detail of the day.

Memorable Details

The ceremony took place in one of the more intimate rooms, which featured a long aisle and beautiful arch with rose gold candles on either side (to complement Emily’s rose gold ring). The bridesmaids wore stunning garnet-hued dresses in all different styles, and the flowers boasted touches of earthy greens, soft pinks and deep reds. Much to the guests’ delight, the couple’s two dogs walked down the aisle too.

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“Patricia, the staff, everyone made me feel like a princess. It just really felt like we were transported to another world that night.”

real wedding epic hotel
real wedding epic hotel

On their joyous day, the bride and groom loved the presence of family and friends from all over. Miami to Texas, everyone found the service and food to be amazing, with guests admitting they went back to the buffet for seconds!

real wedding epic hotel

Emily and Aleck found it incredible to witness their groups of friends coming together to share a wonderful time. Thanks to a live band, the dance party continued nonstop throughout the entire night. After the festivities came to a close, the newlyweds went up to their EPIC suite with their dogs, where they enjoyed room service and the perfect end to an amazing day.

The couple found everyone to be “so kind, so helpful,” and they were thrilled that Patricia even made sure to have Aleck’s favorite beer from a small brewery.