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Walter Marin

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Walter Marin, Sculptor

Walter Marin Headshot

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Born in Buenos Aires, Walter Marín has been in contact with the arts from an early age. At age seven, he auditioned to join the prestigious Children's Choir of the Cervantes National Theater, where he participated as a professional member for seven years. Later in his youth, he explored new artistic challenges, among them acting. In his native Argentina, he was part of the cast of a film directed by María Luisa Bemberg, which later led him to move to Mexico to pursue his career as an actor. The rich heritage and magical culture of that country enriched his sensibility and oriented his creative impulse towards sculpture.

During his training he participated in workshops with renowned master sculptors, such as Andrew Course in Las Vegas, Nevada and Philippe Faraut in Honeoye, New York.

From his childhood to the present, his curious and self-taught spirit keeps him in a process of constant learning about new techniques and work challenges.

In his work, Walter Marin reflects his interest in the universe of ideas. Bodies inhabited by spaces and forms, traces of emotion and meaning are the recurring scenario. His metaphors are an invitation to dive into the constant fluidity of mind, body, emotions and matter.

His acquaintances and friends have played a crucial role in making his creative projects possible. He held his first exhibition in Mexico City with ten bronze works from his series "Cicatrices" and "Amame Partido". He is currently working on the creation of a new series entitled "Entre Dios y Adios", addressing and deepening concepts and processes of permanence and transformation.