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Nestor Paz Painting

Nestor Paz

View Nestor Paz’s Art at Kimpton EPIC Hotel

Meet Artist Nestor Paz

Nestor Paz Headshot

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Paz is a Venezuelan artist who has been based in the USA since 2003. His work has been displayed at prestigious art galleries, art shows, museums and the showrooms of hotels, winning recognition and awards through the years in cities including Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Ashville, New York, Atlanta, San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Florence, Italy.

His formation came from “El Conservatorio de Cultura del Estado Zulia”, “Centro Cultural Lia Bermudez” y “La Universidad Cecilio Acosta” in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela, where he developed his career as an artist and journalist at the same time. Paz has been showing his work since he was very young in various cities in South America.

Paz works with different mediums and defines his work as a free combination of abstract expressionism and what he calls “neo-cubism”. In most of his work, you can appreciate his Caribbean roots, an interpretation of feelings, strength and determination, using strong lines and vibrant colors inviting you to enter a synthesis of figuration and abstraction, of painting and drawing, and of balance and imbalance on his world of human figures and surrealistic landscapes. His work is now taking off in Europe. Paz is already presenting his creations in Florence, Italy and is creating a platform to keep growing and presenting a “Paz” in every single corner.

“I need to paint to be alive. It’s stronger than me. I need to express constantly the power of my feelings, the voices I hear around me, the noises, faces, the shapes of the world. I have to let go of the energy that converts itself into a beautiful creation that brings happiness and satisfaction.”