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Liv Dockerty Artwork

Liv Dockerty

View Liv Dockerty’s Art at Kimpton EPIC Hotel

Meet Artist Liv Dockerty

Liv Dockerty Headshot

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Liv Dockerty is an American contemporary painter from Miami. Her artistic process began as a child and developed much throughout her life. Her primary source of inspiration hails from cloudy skies at sunset and sunrise. Dockerty studied art and design at the Parsons School of Design in New York City where she received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. Her paintings blur the line between abstraction and realism. Her works explore the ever constant motion of life as seen through the perpetual movement of clouds. With the use of her signature interference paints, the paintings color shift when the viewers vantage point changes. At one moment the clouds may be tangerine and in another instant they may be lavender. Changing as quickly as they do in the sky, the clouds move with you in her works.