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Juan Carlos Cruz Osorio Artwork

Juan Carlos Cruz Osorio

View Juan Carlos Cruz Osorio’s Art at Kimpton EPIC Hotel

Meet Artist Juan Carlos Cruz Osorio

Juan Carlos Cruz Osorio Headshot

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Juan Carlos Cruz Osorio was born and raised in Holguin, Cuba where a purely cultural and tropical environment served as an inspiration to start taking his first steps in the artistic world and his preference by the Classical and Contemporary Art. Juan has researched about this meeting of cultures in his work by means of the drawings and the brushstrokes and the influences derived from surrealist art. Juan currently lives in Dania Beach and works in Miami, FL.Juan Carlos participated in a group show in Quito, Ecuador in 2015. Years later, after moving to The United States, he was part of another group exhibition at the Alliance for the Art in Fort Myers, Florida in 2019. The same year, he enrolled at Miami International University of Art and Design and during the program he was one of the members of a group show, Amalgamation, at the Ancient Spanish Monastery in Miami, Florida in 2021. Juan Carlos completed his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts in December 2022, specializing in Drawing and Painting, he organized his MFA show, Mythological Retrospective, based on different myths, mainly Greek mythology, and combining elements of daily and modern life.