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Annick Duvivier

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Meet Artist Annick Duvivier

Annick Duvivier Bio Shot

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Haitian-Born, Miami-based visual artist Annick Duvivier is known for her mixed media collage paintings. Early on, she took painting classes with the renowned Haitian artist Ralph Allen. Duvivier studied Fine Arts at Altos de Chavon 2008 in the Dominican Republic (affiliated with Parsons in New York). Soon after she became an artist in residence at Festival arts Gallery, Haiti, and organized alongside Art Historian Dr. Marie-Alice Théard exhibits for more than 25 prominent Haitian artists. She then returned to Altos de Chavon and followed various drawing and paintings courses (2011/2012) allowing her rapid evolution.

She is highly skilled at drawing and creates with great freedom of color.

She graduated with a BFA in Visual Arts at Miami International University of Art & Design 2019. Her artwork is diverse but has recurring themes of identity, fertility, memory, nature, and a fascination for the human body.

She has exhibited her artwork; two solo shows “Energie” (2010) “The Red Nude Collection” (2017) both at Festival Arts Gallery, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.