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A downtown Miami hotel with a boutique soul

Ah, Miami. Here she is, reveling in sultry glamour and flamboyant eccentricities, with a flung-open embrace of everyone and anything. Miami is smooth, sweet café con leche and worldly cuisine that makes you yearn for more. She's queen palms and art galleries, warm turquoise water and high-end shopping. (The feminine pronoun is especially fitting since Miami was founded by a woman.) Named the cleanest city in the country by Forbes, Miami boasts plenty of green space. And blue space. EPIC, a downtown Miami hotel puts you right in the middle of this international nirvana, with panoramic views of Miami’s iconic skyline and waterways, all while keeping that famous Kimpton boutique flair. With so many hotels, downtown Miami worthy, EPIC is what this beautiful city is in all its magnificent splendor.

downtown miami

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On your way to EPIC? Allow us to share some directions to guide your way to our towering downtown paradise.

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